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About the company

About us

Raison AM (Legal Entity – Threesixty Elements S.A.) is an international investment company that manages the assets of private and institutional investors.

Our company has existed in the industry since 2014, and during this period of time, we have formed a high-class team, demonstrating one of the best management results in the market year after year.

Our professional mission is to achieve your investment goals.

Every day, Raison Asset Management experts analyze the stock markets, calculate potential risks, and make investment decisions in order to make your dreams come true.

If you have a question about how to preserve and increase your free funds, then it is best to entrust your investments to real professionals in the field, and we, for our part, will make every possible effort to reach your goals.

Our team

For more than 5 years we have been a stable and reliable partner to you. We are constantly improving our strategies and developing new investment products. Our team consists of real professionals with extensive experience in the global securities and collective investment markets.

Investment philosophy 

Our goal is to meet the expectations of each client, so we focus primarily on your expectations in terms of risk, profitability and investment horizon. Our approach is based on a combination of analysis of global economic trends, macro and micro indicators, and financial assessment of specific companies.

The investment process at Raison Asset Management is structured to ensure that the highest level of management standards is applied to each client’s assets. This principle applies to all stages of the investment process, from product creation to the analysis of management results.