Following below NAV, prices and yield dynamics, including the quarterly paid coupons payouts.

  • 972.40 €
  • 9.33 €
  • 1.56%
  • YTD: 1.56%

The dynamics of the unit value on 31.01.20

1 mon.
6 mon.
1 year
Since opening

Net asset value on 31.01.20 and previous period


  • Total Net Assets: 610,704.56 €
  • Shares Outstanding: 792.99266


  • Price: 957.42 €
  • Shares Outstanding: 792.99266
  • Total Net Assets: 603,893.73 €

The Fund could be classified as a private equity fund. It was formed to pool investment funds of its shareholders for the purpose of generating long-term profits and capital appreciation by maintaining decentralized blockchain-networks.

The Fund invests up to 80% of its assets into direct or indirect ownership of datacenters, the IT capacities of which are used for processing and maintaining blockchain-networks (see DATA CENTERS AND BLOCKCHAIN). Such investments are generally done with creating special purpose vehicles which are the full subsidiaries of the Fund and the operational companies for maintaining such Datacenters. Such Datacenters could on its own discretion decide to lend the capacities to the third parties with significant premium to the market price of those capacities if such lending is more economically efficient in current period than maintaining major networks.

Up to 10% of cash could be invested in regulated funds connected with blockchain technologies which do also operate as mining facilities and trading funds with actively managed strategies. The remaining liquidity might be used to create a crowd-mining network based on personal computers all around the world. The Fund is not subject to any material concentration or diversification restrictions, and may hold a limited number of investment positions.

From October 2017 the Fund is paying quarterly coupons, which are equal to 50% of all fees from maintaining blockchain-networks cleared of Incentive fees. The remaining funds increase the NAV of the Fund and are used for expanding the capacities of the processing power. In its calculations, the fund takes into account depreciation by a linear method based on a five-year service life of the equipment.


  • Minimum Subscription: 100,000 EUR
  • Management Fee: 1%
  • Performance Fee: 20% from coupon paid
  • Hurdle Rate: none
  • Hard Lock-Up Period: 6 months
  • Soft Lock-Up Period: 12 months
  • Early Exit Fee: 5%
  • Redemption Period: quarterly
  • Redemption Notice Period: prior to 45 days
  • Redemption Fee: none
  • Side Pocket: none
  • Gate: none
  • Additional Notes: quarterly coupon

Perfomance (with coupon)

Key facts

Date of Inception

August 2017



Net Assets

610,704.56 € (as of 31.01.20)

Basic Currency




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