The fund is closed for new subscribers

  • $1,333.99
  • $29.09
  • 2.23%
  • YTD: 1.14%

The dynamics of the unit value on 31.01.18

1 mon.
6 mon.
1 year
Since opening

Net asset value on 31.01.18 and previous period


  • Total Net Assets: $4,001,982.13
  • Shares Outstanding: 3,000.00000


  • Price: $1,304.90
  • Shares Outstanding: 3,000.00000
  • Total Net Assets: $3,914,700.00

Investment objective and strategy 

The Fund was formed to pool investment funds of its shareholders for the purpose of generating long-term capital appreciation through consistent and superior risk-adjusted absolute returns in all market environments. 

The Fund’s trading strategy is in accordance with the Investment Manager's assessment of the capital market situation as well as the general prospects of the investment instruments. The Fund's assets are invested worldwide according to the principle of distribution of risks but primarily in public U.S. securities, ETFs and options.


  • Minimum Subscription: 1,000,000 USD
  • Management Fee: 2%
  • Performance Fee: 20%
  • Hurdle Rate: none
  • Hard Lock-Up Period: 12 months
  • Soft Lock-Up Period: none
  • Early Exit Fee: none
  • Redemption Period: yearly
  • Redemption Notice Period: prior to 90 days
  • Redemption Fee: none
  • Side Pocket: none
  • Gate: none
  • Additional Notes: The fund is closed for new subscribers


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