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Trust asset management — how it works

Trust asset management to a professional investment company is suitable for those who want to receive passive income — from 13% per annum.

Trust asset management process

  1. The client discusses investment needs: expected profitability, investment terms and objectives, degree of risk readiness. The managers suggest the most suitable investment strategy.
  2. The client signs an agreement with the company and transfers his capital for management.
  3. Professional managers buy/sell assets (stocks, bonds, futures, etc.) within the framework of a strategy defined with the client and increase his capital.
  4. Investor regularly receives reports of profitability and withdraws profits in accordance with the terms of the contract. This can be a quarterly redemption of the hedge fund shares or a withdrawal from the brokerage account at any time.
  5. Investor can terminate the contract with the company at any time.

Benefits of trust management

  • In the case of trust management, minimum participation is required from the client: documentation, communication with the broker, the bank, the actual trading — all this is undertaken by the manager.
  • Passive income
  • Professional approach to investments
  • Large selection of investment instruments


The management company receives income in the form of commissions. Management fee and success fee — commission from the client’s profit.

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