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Udemy acquired educational platform CorpU

Global Technologies Private Portfolio clients who purchased Udemy shares in September 2020 have a current return of 53%.

Udemy has acquired the educational platform CorpU, which specializes in cohort corporate training. The amount of the deal was not disclosed.

More than 750 thousand users study annually through the CorpU platform. These are employees of Coca-Cola, Charles Schwab, CVS Health and other companies. Experts from distinguished universities: Harvard, MIT, etc. perform as teachers on the platform.

Cohort learning is an increasingly popular form of online education. It differs from massive online courses in that classes are held in small groups, in real-time and are aimed at gaining practical skills.

Due to its interactive format and specialized content, cohort courses are completed by many more students than massive online courses. In addition, this training format is more expensive and brings higher margins for the business.

CorpU will become part of the Udemy Business division through which companies train their employees. More than 7,000 Udemy Business customers include Apple, Unilever and Volkswagen. Teaching is conducted in 9 languages, including Chinese.

The pandemic has become an additional incentive for the development of online learning: in February-March last year, the number of individual user registrations on the Udemy platform increased by 425%.

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