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StoreDot released a Tesla-like battery prototype with a 10-minute charge

Компания StoreDot произвела прототип первой в мире заряжающейся за 10 минут цилиндрической литийионной аккумуляторной батареи. Она имеет форм-фактор 4680, то есть диаметр 46 мм и высоту 80 мм — в сентябре прошлого года батарею с таким же форм-фактором представила компания Tesla.

StoreDot has produced a prototype of the world’s first 10-minute rechargeable cylindrical lithium-ion battery. It has a form factor of 4680, that is, a diameter of 46 mm and a height of 80 mm — in September last year, a battery with the same form factor was presented by Tesla. 

According to unofficial data, the 4680 Tesla battery charges in at least 15 minutes, while StoreDot claims 10 minutes. It is difficult to compare since both companies have not yet started mass production of products. Tesla was set to roll out its first production line this year, but its launch appears to be delayed. StoreDot intends to begin mass production of 4,680 batteries at the factories of its Chinese partner EVE Energy in 2024.

The 4680 form factor cylindrical battery is more powerful and more energy-efficient while being safer and cheaper to manufacture. According to StoreDot, batteries of this particular form factor are currently the most interesting for electric car manufacturers. The company announced that it is “at an advanced stage of negotiations” about partnerships with many EV market players.

Along with cylindrical batteries, StoreDot is not backing out on plans to produce pouch cell batteries by 2024. The main element in them will also be silicon: for the same manufacturing cost, StoreDot XFC (StoreDot Extreme Fast Charging) technology will reduce battery charging time by 50%

Raison Asset Management is a lead investor in StoreDot.

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