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StoreDot CEO will speak at the climate summit in Glasgow

StoreDot CEO Doron Myersdorf will take part in the world’s largest climate conference COP 26, organized by the UN. Representatives from 120 countries have come to Glasgow, UK, to discuss the fight against the climate crisis.

Investment opportunity with Raison Asset Management – StoreDot

Myersdorf, as part of a delegation from Israel, will present the technology of his company – batteries for electric vehicles with 10 minutes of charging time.

CEO StoreDot Дорон Майерсдорф выступит на климатическом саммите в Глазго

Developing the battery market is critical to achieving carbon neutrality. A breakthrough in this market should be provided by new technologies that will shorten the recharge time of electric vehicles. 

According to McKinsey analysts, demand for electric vehicles will grow significantly if owners “can charge them in 10 minutes or less, instead of an hour at a gas station or a night in a garage near their home.”

As a reminder, StoreDot recently unveiled a prototype of the world’s first 10-minute cylindrical lithium-ion battery.

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