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Standard AI Launches Autonomous Retail Initiative in USA and Canada

The developer of autonomous checkout technology Standard AI will select 10 retail chain operators for a 3-day workshop on innovative retail technologies. In addition, the company will equip the winner’s store with stand-alone cash registers free of charge.

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The solution developed by Standard involves the installation of video cameras connected to an artificial intelligence system in the store. The system identifies the buyer (without face recognition) and the goods he purchases and issues an electronic check.

This eliminates the need for cash registers: shoppers can avoid wasting time buying goods, and retailers reduce staff costs and free up additional retail space.

Разработчик технологии автономных касс Standard AI запустил в США и Канаде инициативу "Автономный ретейл"

The most famous example of cashless stores is Amazon Go, which uses Just Walk Out technology. Unlike the market giant Amazon, Standard specializes not in hypermarkets but in convenience stores.

The Standard solution has a low implementation cost: Amazon uses video cameras, sensors, and RFID tags to identify customers, while Standard AI uses only cameras. The low cost makes the product attractive for small and medium-sized businesses.

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