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Standard AI equips another store with autonomous checkouts

Standard AI continues to equip US retail locations with autonomous checkouts. In October, with the help of Standard, a cashless store of the Circle K chain in Arizona was launched.

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This time, Standard AI has equipped the Worcester Red Sox basketball team’s signature store, located at the Massachusetts stadium. The stadium opened this year and has a capacity of nearly ten thousand visitors.

Standard AI оснастила автономными кассами еще один магазин

Customers are required to download the Standard app on their smartphone and use it when leaving the store to receive an electronic check. There is no need to scan products — purchases are registered automatically by cameras.

The technology is based on the use of video cameras attached to the ceiling and computer vision algorithms. It is important that buyers are identified without face recognition.

According to Standard CEO Jorden Fisher, retail facilities at stadiums are in particular need of autonomous ticket offices, because visitors do not want to miss even a couple of minutes of the long-awaited sports event.
The company plans to equip stores at other stadiums and sports venues in the United States, according to a Standard press release.

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