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SpaceX finished assembling Starship and acquired start-up Swarm

SpaceX has completed the assembly of the Starship spacecraft, designed to fly to low-earth orbit, to the Moon and Mars. It is the Starship that Elon Musk plans to use to deliver people and cargo to Mars. Recently, the ship was installed on a reusable super-heavy launch vehicle Super Heavy — the height of the rocket together with the ship was 120 meters.

SpaceX also acquired a startup Swarm, a developer of communication mini-satellites. With a weight of 400 grams and only 11 centimetres long, 120 Swarm satellites already cover almost the entire earth with the Internet. Next year, the company plans to increase their number to 150 and achieve global coverage. Swarm satellites enable IoT devices

The current return for clients of the Global Technologies Private Portfolio who purchased SpaceX shares in September 2019 is 130%.

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