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Klarna partnered with Wix and acquired Inspirock

Having reached a valuation of $45.6 billion in June this year, Klarna continues to announce strategic partnerships and take over smaller startups.

Klarna logo Investment opportunity with Raison Asset Management — Klarna

256% — the current return rate for clients of the GTPP fund, who acquired Klarna shares in December 2020 with a valuation of $12.8 billion. Today the company is valued at $45.6 billion.

First of all, Klarna announced a partnership with Wix, a major platform for building websites, including e-commerce platforms. Wix has over 210 million users in 16 countries, including the United States.

The company has connected to the Wix eCommerce service, which allows online stores to manage their sales. Now sellers will be able to integrate the Klarna payment system which will offer “buy now, pay later” payment method. 

Klarna partnered with Wix

Secondly, the company acquired Inspirock, an online travel planner, which has 25 million annual users. According to Klarna’s marketing director, the company is not going to develop a business in the field of hotel reservations or buying tickets — this market is already saturated.

From now on Inspirock will provide travellers with an interest-free instalment plan to purchase tickets to various shows and attractions in different countries. Tourists will also be able to go shopping with Klarna: this will allow the 250,000 retailers connected to the service to expand their audience worldwide.

Klarna acquired Inspirock
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