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Klarna expands offline shopping presence and launches partnership with Billie

The “buy now, pay later” segment is usually associated with online retail, but alternative payment services also work offline. In particular, Klarna is already partnering with 60,000 physical stores in the United States and is rapidly growing its offline presence. The company recently announced two partnerships at once aimed at attracting visitors to shopping centres in the United States.

Klarna logo Investment opportunity with Raison Asset Management — Klarna

256% — the current return rate for clients of the GTPP fund, who acquired Klarna shares in December 2020 with a valuation of $12.8 billion. Today the company is valued at $45.6 billion.

Klarna partnered with one of the world’s largest shopping centre operators, Simon Property Group, a company that is part of the S&P 100. Simon’s portfolio in the US alone includes several hundred shopping malls. In addition, Klarna partnered with a well-known payment system — FreedomPay.

Klarna expands offline shopping presence

Partnerships would help Klarna to grow its audience in the US market. In August this year, the number of users in the United States exceeded 20 million. In total, Klarna has more than 90 million users in different countries.

In addition, Klarna has announced a partnership with the leading BNPL payment provider for business Billie. Online retailers from all over the world will be able to offer their business customers BNPL Billie payment methods through Klarna integration.

Through its partnership with Billie, the company expands its own product offerings and becomes the world’s first payment provider to offer a wide range of BNPL payment methods to both customers and businesses.

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