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Klarna achieved higher revenues, transaction volumes and costs

Klarna released a finical result for the first three quarters of 2021. the company has achieved some great growth in main revenue streams but at a cost of higher expenditures.

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229% — the current return rate for clients of the GTPP fund, who acquired Klarna shares in December 2020 at a $541 p/share. Today the company is valued on a secondary market at $1780 p/share.

  • Transaction volume on the platform surged from $35,2 up to $57,3. The US market was responsible for the most dramatic growth of 300%. 
  • Net Operating Income increased from 7 billion of Swedish Krona up to 9,8 billion.
  • Чистый убыток — c -620 млн крон до- 2,5 млрд крон.
  • Net loss from (-620) million of Swedish Krona down to (-2,5 billion)
  • General Administrative Costs  — from 5,9 billion krona to 9,5 billion.

The company spends a lot of resources on capturing the market share, including the American one — in the USA the platform already has more than 21 million users. Klarna app is in the top 5 most downloaded shopping apps in the country.

Since the beginning of this year, Klarna has made a series of acquisitions, entered into several key partnerships, increased staff, launched a superapp, introduced new products to existing markets and entered 5 new countries.

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