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GetFaster already launched in 38 cities in Germany

GetFaster is a young German online retailer that specializes in express delivery of food, household chemicals, and household goods. The service was launched in January this year – by the end of September, the cities of presence number has grown to 38, including Berlin and Dusseldorf. In September alone, the startup launched in 14 new cities, and also opened a new dark store.

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Having your own dark stores is an important part of GetFaster’s business model. The startup positions itself not just as a delivery service, but as a full-fledged online retailer with a delivery service. Due to dark stores, higher business margins are achieved.

At the end of September, the startup set a new record of its own – 31% of the weekly spending on groceries for the average German household. This means that users of the application spent almost a third of the weekly budget allocated for buying products on it.

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