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DigitalOcean files for IPO at $44–47 per share

Current return of Global Technologies Private Portfolio investors — 100%.

In September 2020 clients of our private equity fund purchased shares of Digital Ocean at $ 23.1 per share.

By the end of February 2021, Digital Ocean filed an IPO application to SEC US. Recently it was revealed that IPO will be conducted at $44–47 per share, which makes the current return approximately 100%. 

The actual return from Digital Ocean will be calculated after the end of the lock-up period — 6 months. Given the success of another tech IPOs, it can be expected to surpass 100%.

DigitalOcean — DigitalOcean is a cloud tech company that provides services to small and medium businesses. A distinctive feature of DigitalOcean’s product is its simplicity: this is a competitive advantage of the company over such “cloud giants” like Amazon, Microsoft, IBM, Google and Alibaba.

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