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Coinbase valuation hiked up to $100B on the first day of trading. Kraken next?

The current yield for Global Technologies Private Portfolio investors, who have purchased Kraken shares in November 2020 is approximately 142%.

On April 14, Coinbase was listed on the Nasdaq exchange. The trading session opened at $381 p/share, which is equivalent to a capitalisation of about $ 100 billion. At some point, the shares were priced at $ 429, and by the end of the trading session they were fixed at $ 328.3.

For comparison: in the last private investment round in 2018, the Coinbase share was worth $ 36.2 — almost ten times cheaper.

Coinbase was not only the first crypto exchange to go public but also the most expensive exchange in the United States. Its current capitalisation is higher than NYSE, Nasdaq and CME.

Coinbase major competitor is Kraken, which also plans to go public next year. That was announced by the founder and CEO Jessy Pawell. In the secondary market for private equity shares, Kraken’s share price has climbed 140% since November last year.

Kraken potential cap is$ 21– $ 27 billion, based on comparison metrics and company size of Coinbase. The current estimate of Kraken is $ 10.5 billion. Thus, the investment profitability potential is at least 100%.

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