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CEO Standard Cognition Jordan Fisher: competition with Amazon is the best thing that could happen

CEO of Standard Cognition company, which shares are available for purchase by Global Technologies Private Portfolio fund, gave a broad interview on the Source Code podcast. Jordan Fisher talked about why the company is not afraid to compete with Amazon, how it tackles the issue of data security and how Standard Cognition technology can be useful for gyms.

You can listen to podcast or read its shorted version on Here are the major takeaways.

About competition with Amazon Go

Thanks to Amazon the technology was validated by the market, it’s a technological proof point, now investors know this is possible and retailers this is possible. Every time the media writes something about Amazon Go stores, we receive inquiries from potential customers. We can say that having such a competitor as Amazon is a blow of luck. At the same time, many retailers will never buy technology from Amazon, because they see it as their worst enemy.

Added value to retail stores

It’s not just about autonomous cashiers. We can also provide store owners with insights into shopper behavior: which products they review and return to the shelf, which shelves they spend more time on, and more.

About personal data

Standard Cognition technology works without face recognition, this is critical.

About physical stores and delivery

The Standard Cognition solution goes beyond just autonomous checkout. We can track how online order pickers work in stores, how many products remain on the shelves, etc. — it’s like Google Maps for a store. Food delivery services can also use our technology.

About clients from other industries

Cameras and the IT platform connected to them can potentially be placed in a factory, in a warehouse (control the number of goods on the shelves and the work of employees), in the gym (measure the progress of each visitor and make recommendations) and even in the surgery room.

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