Corporate events

In consideration of investment management services under the Investment Management Agreement between Element ONE and Threesixty Elements S.A. a new hurdle rate was set by the Parties agreement for the period of 2017. Additional information and the copy of agreement are available on the relevant webpage.
Dear customers and partners! We heartily congratulate you on Christmas and New Year’s holidays! 

2016 was full of events - Brexit, election results in the USA, quota approval on oil production between countries - major oil producers. All these events provided good opportunities for profit increase. Despite the bursts of volatility, and inherent uncertainties of 2016, the markets and the global economy bravely reflected all the difficulties and showed stability taking new heights. 

We would like to wish you the same persistence in achieving your goals, the stability and the upward trend in all your endeavors, realization of all your dreams!

Happy New Year!
Due to the New Year’s holidays information on the net asset value of funds and the share price will be published as soon as we can get it from our partners such as banks, brokers and custodians. Accordingly depending on the type of fund assets in its structure as well as our partners, such information may be submitted not earlier than on 3th of January in 2017 and not later than 10th of January in 2017. The value of assets will be shown at the end of the value period in accordance with the terms of investment memorandums (usually the end of the last working day of 2016). 

Also we want to remind you that the results of 2016 will be calculated considering the success fee which will affect the partial reduction of the net asset value.
In order to improve the quality of customer service we've added the block "Transactions" to the personal account area. Now you can get the additional information on all cash flows and dates of allocation of funds shares, and also the additional information about current assets and the dynamics of changes in value.

We kindly ask you to take care of the information needed for access into the Members Area.
Additional subscription for investors of Element ONE was held on 19th of December at the price of $1129.88 per share. As the result of the allocation all the corresponding changes were added to the register. Current subscription was held to rise the efficiency of allocation of funds for current and new investors. Additional valuation and subscription didn't cause extra expenses for all shareholders.
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