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Raison Asset Management becomes part of Raison’s global brand

Raison Asset Management becomes the property of the Raison FinTechnologies holding, which will unite subsidiaries under the Raison brand to develop a global wealth tech platform.

Raison Asset Management, an international investment company headquartered in Estonia, announces its takeover by US-registered Raison FinTechnologies Inc. — a 100% stake in Raison Asset Management Corp. passed into the ownership of the holding.

Raison инвестиции

Raison FinTechnologies Inc. also owns a 100% stake in Estonian company RSN Finance OU, the developer of the Raison app and a regulated virtual asset service provider. In addition, by the end of 2022, the holding will include Raison Securities, which is now undergoing the procedure of registration in Kazakhstan and obtaining a brokerage license from AFSA (Astana International Financial Centre). The license will allow us to provide brokerage services at the international level.

The Raison FinTechnologies holding with its subsidiaries will be introduced to the market under the familiar Raison brand. The brand’s main product is the eponymous wealth tech platform, which today has more than 30 thousand users from 34 countries of the world and will be developed as a comprehensive wealth management solution for various categories of investors.


Today, the Raison app allows you to buy fractional shares of private companies, creating a diversified venture portfolio even for non-accredited investors. Soon, functionality for owners of large capitals will be introduced. They will have access to special conditions for venture deals and will also be able to connect third-party experts — financial and tax consultants — to their accounts.

After obtaining a brokerage license for all categories of investors, the possibility of trading on the stock markets will be added, and the choice of available cryptocurrencies will also be significantly expanded. Also, in the future, the application will feature the purchase of alternative types of assets (real estate, art objects), integration with banking services, and an advanced investment tracker.


Alex Zaitsev, CEO and co-founder of Raison: “In the current situation of economic uncertainty, we see an urgent need for tools that help the investor to assess their financial condition and make informed investment decisions comprehensively. We are developing our tech platform as a tool: tracking all user assets in a single interface and wide functionality. At the same time, some of Raison’s opportunities – such as investments in private companies “with a couple of clicks” – are unique to the market.”

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