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February performance of Element ONE

Element ONE 
ISIN Number: VGG299771086 
IssueDescription: USD CL B SHS 

Elemеnt ONE has performed+3,19% in returns during February ’21.
Fund’s share price— $1861.
Total funds under management — $3 639 645,35.

Top 5 performing assets:

  1. Cinemark (Nyse: CNK)
  2. Immunome (Nasdaq: IMNM)
  3. LI Auto (Nasdaq: LI)
  4. Moderna (Nasdaq: MRNA)
  5. Borg Warner (Nyse: BWA)

As of March 1, 2021, Datto (Nyse: MSP) was trading with a slight drawdown of 3.83%, which was the only new investment in public markets initiated by our fund.

Raison Asset Management ranks third in the independent rating of investment analysts

S&P 500

In February S&P 500 index has gained 3,17%, increasing from 3692,25 to 3809,25. During the month, the indexed has peaked at 3936,25. 


US Dollar index has increased by 0,28%.

Russian Ruble has appreciated by 2,35% against USD. The cross-rate at the end of the month was 74,43 ₽ / $.

Elvira Nabiullina, head of the Russian Central bank has announced:

  • The Central Bank intends to raise the key rate to 5–6% in the next three years
  • The Central Bank intends to gradually roll back regulatory concessions
  • The pandemic is stepping back and requirements for banks will be tightened up again
  • It is necessary to shut down the preferential mortgage program in time. In many regions, the rise in prices due to increased demand have offset the positive effect of the low-interest rate. 


Central bank rates:

FED: 0.25% (prev. 0–0.25%)
ECB: 0% (prev. 0–0%)
Central Bank of the Russian Federation: 4.25% (prev. 4.25%)

Labour market 

United States, unemployment rate: 6.2% (up 6.3%).

Russian Federation, unemployment rate: 5.7% (up to 5.8%).

Eurozone, unemployment rate: 8.1% (up 8.1%).

China, unemployment rate: 5.2% (up from 5.3%).

Economic Activity

In the first half of February, economic activity in the main countries increased or stabilised. Before that, there was a drop in mid-January, caused by high infection rates and stringer measures of lockdown.

US Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell:

  • The US Federal Reserve intends to maintain inflation at 2% in the long term, despite the issues faced by the economy in the face of pandemic and measures to overcome its consequences
  • The Fed currently does not consider the growth of the labour market a factor that could accelerate inflation
  • If inflation does rise contrary to our expectations, the Fed has the tools to fight it.

The yield on US 10-year bonds exceeded the SP500 dividend yield.


In February, the price of gold futures (GC) fell by 7.30% and amounted to $1,728.8 at the end of the month.

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