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Information for Investors Who Purchased Airbnb Shares

Global Technologies Private Portfolio received shares of Airbnb to a brokerage account after the end of the lock-up period and the completion of all formal procedures for the relocation of securities.

In the nearest future, the Fund will liquidate the position and distribute the financial result to clients. Airbnb’s shares were acquired by the fund in February 2020 at $143.85 per share prior to the 2-to-1 split (in terms of current NASDAQ traded shares: ABNB share price was $71.93).

As of the close of the trading day on July 19, 2021, the share price on the exchange was $131.83. Thus, the return on investment as of July 19, 2021, was 83.3% for less than 17 months or about 55% per annum before deducting all commissions.

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