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Hidden leaders – Late Venture shares

35% in US dollars | 1-3 years | Medium risk

Venture capital fund Element Global Technologies Private Portfolio invests in startups from the US, Europe, Israel, and several other countries.

The focus of investment: fintech, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, foodtech, new materials, e-commerce.

Multistage approach: fund invests in prominent startups with a great potential for return on investment, considering companies from seed, growth and late stages. Such flexibility helps investors to build a strongly diversified portfolio with an optimum investment horizon and a well-balanced risk and return ratio.

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Target annualised return for Late Stage fund, usd
Portfolio through 2019-2022

Investment goals and strategy

  • Target investment period: 1–3 years
  • Target return: 35% per annum
  • Minimum investment: $ 50,000
  • The minimum purchase amount for one company: $ 10 thousand.
  • The Fund Memorandum is available to clients who have passed the primary verification.

Fund’s licence and structure

The fund is licensed as a Private Investment Fund by the British Virgin Islands Financial Services Commission on Securities and Investment Business Act, 2010: Element Global Technologies Private Portfolio, Certificate No. SIBA/PIF/20/0079.

The fund serves as a nominee shareholder for the shares. The investor owns the shares of the fund, which owns the shares of a particular company. At the same time, a segregated account is created for each investor, on which his assets are recorded and the results of management are reflected.

The benefits of Global Technologies Private Portfolio

  • Exclusive deals with a help of a wide range of international partners .
  • Diversification of the investor’s portfolio: the fund offers from 3 to 5 new pre-IPO ideas every quarter.
  • Expert assessment of each company by our analysts: its product, competitive advantages, financial performance, market potential, etc.
  • An investor can choose the company to buy on his own or entrust the choice to a manager.
  • An investor can exit a deal before IPO by selling shares to another client of the fund (increased liquidity).
  • Segregated account for each investor.

Exit strategies

  • IPO / direct listing / SPAC. The fund waits for the company to go public, sells its shares, and distributes yield to the clients. If the lock-up period is set, the fund sells shares after it ends (it usually takes 3-6 months).
  • M&A. The investors get yield after the acquisition deal.
  • Sell shares on a secondary market, before the company’s IPO. The fund acts as an intermediary between two shareholders.

Current investment opportunities

  • Drip Capital. Fintech company focused on solving the working capital problem for SME exporters.
  • Oxygen. American neobank for freelancers and small businesses.
  • Destinus. Rocket airplane for extra fast intercontinental cargo delivery.
  • Klarna. Financial and shopping super app.
  • Sift. Online fraud detection and prevention AI platform. 

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