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Hidden leaders – Pre-IPO shares

35% in US dollars | 1-3 years | Medium risk

The Global Technologies Private Portfolio fund invests in shares of private technology companies at the pre-IPO stage (90% of investment ideas) and early stage (10% of investment ideas).

Target annualised return for pre-ipo fund, usd
Closed deals through 2019-2021
Pre-IPO фонд под управлением Raison Asset Management инвестировал в 20+ частных компаний, включая Airbnb, DigitalOcean, Coursera, Robinhood, Klarna, Kraken, SpaceX.

Investment goals and strategy

  • Target investment period: 1–3 years
  • Target return: 35% per annum
  • Minimum investment: $ 50,000
  • The minimum purchase amount for one company: $ 10 thousand.
  • The Fund Memorandum is available to clients who have passed the primary verification.

Fund’s licence and structure

Fund is licensed as Private Investment Fund by British Virgin Islands Financial Services Commission on Securities and Investment Business Act, 2010: Element Global Technologies Private Portfolio, Certificate No. SIBA/PIF/20/0079.

The fund serves as a nominee shareholder for the shares. The investor owns the shares of the fund, which owns the shares of a particular company. At the same time, a segregated account is created for each investor, on which his assets are recorded and the results of management are reflected.

The benefits of Global Technologies Private Portfolio

  • Exclusive deals with a help of a wide range of international partners .
  • Diversification of the investor’s portfolio: the fund offers from 3 to 5 new pre-IPO ideas every quarter.
  • Expert assessment of each company by our analysts: its product, competitive advantages, financial performance, market potential, etc.
  • An investor can choose the company to buy on his own or entrust the choice to a manager.
  • An investor can exit a deal before IPO by selling shares to another client of the fund (increased liquidity).
  • Segregated account for each investor.

Exit strategies

  • IPO / direct listing / SPAC. The fund waits for the company to go public, sells its shares, and distributes yield to the clients. If the lock-up period is set, the fund sells shares after it ends (it usually takes 3-6 months).
  • M&A. The investors get yield after acquisition deal.
  • Sell shares on a secondary market, prior to the company’s IPO. The fund acts as an intermediary between two shareholders, one of whom sells and the other buys shares.

How to start investing

  • Fill in the form of primary identification CI-IAR.
  • After successful initial identification, receive a welcome letter with information to access your personal account on our website. In the investor’s personal account, the Fund’s documents are available (Memorandum, Trust Management Agreement), as well as the dynamics of the Fund’s NAV, assets and transactions.
  • Fill out a questionnaire with a personal manager.
  • Sign an agreement and application for the purchase of a specific company. This can be done in person at the office or remotely via DocuSign.
  • Make a transfer to the fund’s bank account.
  • Receive by e-mail (and, if desired, in paper form) a certificate of ownership of the fund’s shares.
  • Allocation of shares is made within 3 working days after the deposit. Transaction data is displayed in the client’s personal account.


  • Scale AI. Technologies for the development of AI applications.
  • Oxygen. American neobank for freelancers and small businesses.
  • GetFaster. Express delivery startup from Germany.
  • Klarna. BNPL shopping platform.