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Harmony in everything – Hedge fund Element One

From 13% in foreign currency | 1 year | Low risk

Investment goal and strategy of hedge fund

The hedge fund invests in shares of foreign companies, exchange-traded funds, financial derivatives, and other assets on a risk-sharing basis.

This strategy is aimed at obtaining absolute profitability in any market conditions.

The hedge fund was created in April 2016. From the date of its establishment, the value of its share increased by 75%. You can find the history of the fund’s investment ideas in the About us section.

Hedge fund Element One returns

fund’s share price
dynamics since the opening

Net assets value as for 31.12.2021

$3 292 130,68
share price
$1 976,43

Portfolio structure of hedge fund Element One

Portfolio structure of hedge fund Element One

The stocks and bonds in the Element One fund portfolio are diversified by industry. In each sector, the securities are rebalanced once a month by evaluating the prospects of each company and its current value.

Key sectors:

 — Healthcare
 — Tech
 — Green energy
 — Gaming
 — Restaurants 

Commodities are included in the portfolio as a hedge against inflation.

Portfolio positions are protected from volatility by hedging instruments:

— Volatility ETF
 — Gold ETF

Investment ideas

Examples of public investment ideas

Restaurant Brands International, Inc.PerformancePeriod, days
Li Auto, Inc. +30,22% 12 days
Gilead Sciences, Inc. -7,37% 13 days
The Walt Disney Company +23,76% 44 days
Restaurant Brands International, Inc. +30,67% 43 days

Element One Foundation is among the top 5 analysts on

Investor income and reporting

Investors receive income once a quarter, and also once a quarter they can redeem (sell) their shares to the management company. Fund management results are published in monthly reports, as well as on the Bloomberg website (Bloomberg Ticker 360EONE VI, Bloomberg ID BBG00CGSWK13).

How to become fund’s client?

  • Fill in the form of primary identification, CI-IAR.
  • After successful initial identification, receive a welcome letter with information to access your personal account on our website. In the investor’s personal account, the Fund’s documents are available (Меморандум, Договор доверительного управления), (Memorandum, Trust Management Agreement), as well as the dynamics of the Fund’s NAV, assets and transactions.
  • Fill out a questionnaire with a personal manager.
  • Sign the agreement. This can be done in person at the office or remotely via DocuSign.
  • Make a transfer to the fund’s bank account.
  • Receive by e-mail (and, if desired, in paper form) a certificate of ownership of the fund’s shares. Stock allocation conducts once a month: during the first 5 working days, Fund’s stock issues are based on NAV last valuation. Information of the transaction is displayed in the investor’s personal account.