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Tradeshift —a cloud-based solution for the complete digitization of bills and payments in the supply chain, immediately resolves cash flow and liquidity problems. The system offers to pay the supplier directly from Tradeshift, thereby preserving liquidity for both the buyer and the supplier. The company was founded in 2009 in Denmark and in three years moved to San Francisco, where it is headquartering. 

Financial indicators

Total funding: $ 664 million
Final round: $ 240 million — Series F
Latest Round Valuation: More than $ 1.1 Billion
Last round share price: $ 17.54
Last round date: January 2020
Key Investors: PayPal Ventures, Kite Ventures, Goldman Sachs, American Express Ventures, HSBC

Company performance 

  • The annual turnover of transactions on the platform is $ 750 billion.
  • Revenue for 2019 was $ 100 million, which is 60% more than in 2018.
  • The platform serves 1.5 million companies in 190 countries.
  • 150 Fortune 500 companies use Tradeshift.
  • The fastest-growing market for the company is Latin America, followed by China.
  • In July 2020, Tradeshift partnered with Raindew Trade to launch an instant vendor payment scheme. In addition, a qualified supplier may request prepayment.
  • The system allows billions of dollars in liquidity to be injected into African markets.
  • Clients of the company: Air France-KLM, DHL, Fujitsu, HSBC, Siemens, Societe Generale, Unilever, Volvo, IKEA, Danone.

Tradeshift IPO news

  • January 2020, CEO Christian Lanng: In 2020, we should achieve positive cash flow, and this will open up a lot of opportunities, including the future of the IPO.
  • In February 2020, the company began to pursue an active personnel policy. The position of Product Director was taken by Raphael Bres with 20 years of experience in building ERP systems in Microsoft and Oracle.
  • In June 2020, Tradeshift hired Carrie Dolan as CFO. Dolan has worked as a CFO for Fortune 500 companies and fintech startups for over 20 years. Dolan joined Tradeshift after working at insurance fintech Metromile, where she was able to double the company’s revenue. Before joining Metromile, Dolan held the position of CFO at Lending Club: in 2014 she led the IPO of Lending Club, during which she managed to raise $ 1 billion. This IPO in 2014 became one of the 10 largest public offerings of Internet companies in the United States.
  • In October 2020, Christophe Bodin, a customer service expert, joined Tradeshift. His previous job was Anaplan, which went public on the NYSE in 2018.
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