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Buy recommendation on Brookfield Renewable Partners
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Raison Asset Management

Radical rebranding of Threesixty Elements S.A.
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Expecting BTC to the moon?

Use regulated financial institution RAISON.AI for purchasing and storing virtual currencies
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Investments with 100% capital protection

Structured notes from the largest investment banks in Europe with guaranteed returns
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Portfolio Management Services
Credit note is issuance valuable documents that fixes the right of its holder to receive the credit note from the Issuer in that it provided for the term of its nominal value and fixed percent from nominative of the cost produced in its profit of the borrowers due to credit agreements on the terms and in the order set by the agreement about participation in credit risk.

Credit notes are short-term and medium-term debt obligations by the Issuer which can serve the banks and the corporate market participants. Credit notes unlike off-balance sheet instruments or credit derivatives (forwards swaps options index tools) belong to the group of instruments carried on the balance sheet and are balance sheet counterparts and substitutes credit derivatives (notes securitizing private assets). The notes traded in the market credit derivatives are binding to the credit characteristics of the underlying asset.