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7 years
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35% per year
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Hedge Fund Benefits

Hedge Fund Benefits

Passive income The hedge fund allows the shareholder to receive income — from 13% per annum, without spending personal time on it. Hedge fund benefits from bull and bear markets It is easy to invest when the stock market rises; it is a whole other story when it crashes. Investing in ETFs that track market indices, such as &hellip; <a href="https://raison.am/en/press-center/training/hedge-fund-benefits/">Continued</a>
Trust asset management — how it works

Trust asset management — how it works

Trust asset management to a professional investment company is suitable for those who want to receive passive income — from 13% per annum. Trust asset management process The client discusses investment needs: expected profitability, investment terms and objectives, degree of risk readiness. The managers suggest the most suitable investment strategy. The client signs an agreement with the &hellip; <a href="https://raison.am/en/press-center/training/trust-asset-management%e2%80%8a-%e2%80%8ahow-it-works/">Continued</a>

What is IPO and how can investors make money on it?

IPO is the initial public offering of a company’s shares on the stock exchange. Why do companies go public? First of all, to attract money for further development. The market value of the company increases, the liquidity of its shares increases and, in addition, its social image improves. Preparing to go public includes a number of &hellip; <a href="https://raison.am/en/press-center/training/what-is-ipo-and-how-can-investors-make-money-on-it/">Continued</a>

Investor Protection: Regulators

Regulators control the securities market and protect investors from the dishonest services of investment companies. Regulators objectives Issue licenses to investment companies and revoke them; Maintain registers of licensed companies; Request quarterly reports from licensed companies; Develop laws protecting the rights of investors; Handle complaints from clients of investment companies. Each country has its own &hellip; <a href="https://raison.am/en/press-center/training/investor-protection-regulators/">Continued</a>
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